HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Agreements

Avoid sudden HVAC repair costs and costly downtime with our proactive maintenance agreements.

Comfort Refrigeration can customize a plan to suit your specific equipment needs and keeping the bottom line in mind. A proactive plan of maintenance keeps your equipment efficient and productive. Comfort Refrigeration will maintain your commercial HVAC and refrigeration equipment so you avoid the massive issues that come with neglect.

We can create a plan that is limitless to your needs. We will encapsulate the timeline to facilitate you. Often our customers are very proactive and want unlimited service at the drop of a call; to monthly, quarterly or even biannually. We will cover any and all refrigeration and HVAC systems you may have. We will provide service for any make or model commercial Refrigeration or HVAC application. We are as flexible as the needs of each and every unit.

Comfort Refrigeration (HVAC OHIO) offers a discount to any customer with a yearly Maintenance or Service Agreement.

Contact our Canton, Ohio office today to get started with your maintenance agreement.