Keeping Food Safe During a Refrigeration Emergency

Refrigeration emergencies by nature happen unexpectedly, posing a risk to the safety and quality of the food stored in our fridges. But knowing how to handle such situations is crucial to prevent food spoilage, wasted money, and potential health risks. Let the commercial and residential refrigeration repair experts at Comfort Refrigeration Inc. in Canton, OH, help you be prepared!

If your power goes out, or if your refrigerator simply stops working, follow these tips to keep your food safe and contact us for emergency repairs.

image of a  refrigerator

Keep the Door Closed

If your refrigerator stops working, it is essential to keep the door closed as much as possible. Opening the door often allows warm air to enter, causing the temperature inside to rise. By keeping the door closed, you can maintain a colder temperature for a longer period, preserving the freshness of your food.

image of a cooler

Use a Cooler or Ice Chest

If you can’t get immediate refrigeration repairs, consider moving perishable items to a cooler or ice chest. Fill the cooler with ice or frozen gel packs to maintain a cooler temperature. Transfer items like meats, dairy products, and any food leftovers to the cooler to prevent spoilage and maintain food safety. Check all food labels for items that do not have to be kept cold, and leave them at room temperature to save space.

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Prioritize Consumption

Depending on how long it is before you can get emergency refrigeration repairs, prioritize the consumption of perishable items. Start by consuming food that can spoil faster, including seafood, poultry, and milk, as they can pose a higher risk if consumed past their expiration dates. Thus, this reduces the chances of foodborne illnesses. Luckily, however, Comfort Refrigeration Inc. can address this HVAC issue within 24 hours!

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Check Food Quality

After we get your refrigerator back in working order, still inspect the quality of the food before consuming it. Discard any items that show signs of spoilage, like a strange or foul odor, unusual texture, or discoloration. When in doubt, it's best to err on the side of caution and throw it away.

Get 24-Hour Emergency Refrigeration Repair

Having a plan for handling refrigerator emergencies can help safeguard your food and protect your health! Minimize any risk of foodborne illness — contact Comfort Refrigeration Inc. at the first sign of a failing fridge. We almost always can respond to your call in less than two hours, along with a 24-hour answering service that is a live person!

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