How to Balance Commercial Heating and Cooling Needs

If you've ever been to a restaurant, sat at a table, and been cold, but then walked to the restroom and been hot, you've experienced an improper air balance system in a commercial HVAC unit.


Balancing air flow is something that is not emphasized in the HVAC world as it should be. In short, when you balance air flow, you ensure that your commercial spaces are heated and cooled evenly. This is not only important for your heating and cooling bill, but it also is important for customer experience.

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Measure Air Flow Volume in Each Room

Specially-designed diagnostic equipment can be used to measure the volume of air flow in each room. For example, manometers may be employed, which measure air pressure within the commercial HVAC system, or a hygrometer will be used to check the humidity levels. The goal is to see which rooms are not getting the expected airflow to them.

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Evaluate Your Commercial Building's Air Ducts

For the most part, an improper air balance has to do with leaky air ducts or disconnections. A professional commercial HVAC technician can evaluate your ductwork, looking for any signs of leaks and then rectifying them.


Use Computer Software

Computer software may be used to gain a more precise analysis of your commercial heating and cooling system's air balance. This sophisticated software also will offer up recommendations on remedies.


Enlist the Help of a Professional Commercial HVAC Company

Your professional commercial HVAC company in Canton, Ohio, can help repair any leaky air ducts, seal and insulate your air ducts, and add more returns if necessary. More ductwork dampers may be needed as well

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