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Common Emergency Commercial HVAC Repairs

When your commercial HVAC system is working, it runs superbly, keeping your office, restaurant, or commercial space the perfect temperature for your employees and your customers. However, when an emergency heating or cooling problem occurs, the impact can be widespread.

Comfort Refrigeration in Canton offers the best commercial refrigeration and HVAC services in the Canton, Ohio area. We've been helping local businesses since 2007. With our experience and knowledge, we can help with commercial refrigeration and HVAC repairs, design builds, and replacements. We also offer area businesses a commercial refrigeration and HVAC maintenance agreement in order to help them save money. Below, we'll examine common emergency commercial HVAC repairs. Contact us for a free service analysis today!


Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a chemical compound housed in your commercial HVAC system that is responsible for absorbing heat from the air and replacing it with cooled air for your office space. There are lines that hold this liquid, and they can form leaks. If there's no refrigerant or not enough refrigerant, the chemical process of converting from a liquid to a gas and removing heat from the air can't take place, leaving you with a warm office space, indeed. If you notice your commercial air conditioning is not working, call our team for emergency HVAC services in Canton today.

Ventilation Blockages

Your commercial ductwork and ventilation system plays an extremely important role in your HVAC system. It is responsible for the transportation of air to and from your furnace and air conditioning unit. As you can imagine, depending on the size of your commercial space, this can be a large area with a lot of air moving to and fro. Thus, there is a high chance that your airducts can become blocked with dirt or even fallen insulation, especially if you don't invest in regular HVAC maintenance. Ductwork can also become damaged or form leaks, and due to its size, critters can make a very comfortable home in your commercial ductwork. Call Comfort Refrigeration for emergency commercial HVAC services if you suspect your airflow is being blocked in some way.

Breaker & Fuse Problems

Many business owners do not think about the electrical work that is involved in their commercial HVAC system. It's a bit more obvious with commercial refrigeration since electricity is the main power source used. However, since your commercial HVAC system may run off natural gas, the idea that your commercial emergency HVAC problem is electrical may be missed. This common commercial HVAC problem could be a breaker or a blown fuse. Contactors may be the problem or a variety of other electrical wiring that could be worn out or have a loose connection. If you suspect an electrical problem and you need heating and cooling for your commercial space right away, call for emergency commercial HVAC repair right away.


Most commercial HVAC problems, including those listed above, are preventable. Comfort Refrigeration offers a stellar commercial HVAC and refrigeration maintenance agreement program that can save you a lot of money on your preventative maintenance services and help prevent a major repair need in the future. Being proactive is the best way to get ahead of repairs and keep your commercial HVAC and refrigeration running in tip-top shape and being energy-efficient, saving you even more money.

However, even the best laid plans often go astray, so when you need 24-hour emergency commercial HVAC and refrigeration services, call our team. We try to respond within a two-hour window so you can have your office space, restaurant, gym, and more comfortable once again. Call Comfort Refrigeration for all your emergency commercial HVAC and refrigeration needs near Canton today!

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